OPC Cement

OPC Cement or Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is manufactured by grinding a mixture of limestone and other raw materials like argillaceous, calcareous, gypsum to a powder. This cement is available in three types of grades, such as OPC 33 grade, OPC 43 grade and OPC 53 grade. OPC is the most commonly used cement in the world. This type of cement is preferred where fast pace of construction is done. However, the making of OPC has reduced to a great extent as blended cement like PPC has advantages, such as lower environmental pollution, energy consumption and more economical.


Uses : OPC is the most commonly used cement worldwide. The cost of production is not expensive making it the sought after cement in the building industry. They are widely used for the construction of high-rise buildings, roads, dams, bridges, flyovers. Also, OPC is used for making grouts and mortars. OPC is ideal for the construction of residential and industrial complexes.