We assure our customers that there is no compromise on quality production of the cement that will offer everything you could ask for. It is manufactured from high quality cement clinker and other necessary additives under rigid laboratory controlled conditions. Thus, high strength cement performs consistently batch after batch. It has fantastic work ability, glides on easily and instantly clings to itself. Engineers &contractors find that its dense consistency makes it easy to define texture and create a beautiful, weather resistant finish.

The Cement is designed for both commercial and residential construction. This has all the characteristics to ensure productivity on the job site; superior workability, long board life, great bond strength and uniform color.

International Cements Company’s Portland Type I/II Cement is formulated to provide the basic performance characteristics of Type I Portland Cement, as well as the moderate sulfate resistance and lower heat of hydration characteristic of Type II Portland Cement.

Type I is commonly used in roads, bridges, reinforced concrete buildings, tanks, reservoirs, culverts, water pipes, sidewalks, and masonry units. Type II Portland Cement can be used in large structures, such as, heavy piers, foundations, abutments, and retaining walls.

These ingredients are proportioned, combined, and packaged under strictly-controlled conditions to ensure uniformity and excellent performance.